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Despite my high hopes nothing really extraordinary happened during our little Memorial Day weekend road trip. No ghastly injuries. No demonic possessions. Darn. Regardless I thought I’d share some of the highlights: Around noon on Saturday we arrived in the tiny hamlet of Chagrin Falls Ohio which was quite lively due to its annual…(Read More)


The crash was tremendous. It sounded like the china cabinet had fallen over. Then I remembered that we don’t have a china cabinet. I was sitting behind my desk in the den talking to my daughter when it happened. First I heard a dragging sound. Then came the crash followed by my son’s…(Read More)


“You guys wanna do a craft?!” my wife says to the kids just as we finish up another exhausting family dinner. My children who for the last hour or so have been whining and complaining about their food as if it were cough-syrup-covered cockroaches suddenly spring to life and yell out in joyous…(Read More)


“More thoy thauce peas!” yells my son the salty brown liquid running down his chin and dripping onto his plastic bib. Just moments before he put the tiny dish of soy sauce up to his mouth and slurped it down as if it was leftover milk in a bowl of cereal. We had given it…(Read More)

“Just hold the dress open and I’ll shove her down into it!” I said to my wife. We were late in leaving for a wedding one in which my 3 ½-year-old was to be the flower girl. However at the moment she was a demonic creature from the Netherworld. And she was dead…(Read More)