October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 16 – Analog Love

Valentine Brkich October 16, 2018

Oh boy, I’m so excited! My sister sent me a transistor radio in the mail today! (No, this isn’t a blog post from 1987.) Why would anyone want a transistor radio nowadays, you ask? Apparently, you don’t have kids whose completely misguided and inconsiderate soccer league administrators, for some ungodly reason, decided to schedule games at 1…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 15

Valentine Brkich October 15, 2018

In doing meditation, one of the things they always talk about is being mindful of your body and how it feels. Mine feels like its 80 years old. This writing stuff, turns out, is backbreaking work. Seriously. I can’t remember a day when I didn’t have back pain. Most of the time it’s been upper back pain…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 14 – Forgiving Yourself

Valentine Brkich October 14, 2018

Well, I didn’t write for the past two days. (Did anyone even notice?) But I think that’s OK. I know I pledged to write at least for a little bit every day during this October Mindfulness Challenge. But sometimes, no matter what our intentions, life just has other plans. And the more I think about the idea of…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 11 – Mindful Eating

Valentine Brkich October 11, 2018

One thing I’d really like to be more mindful about is eating. I eat fast. Way too fast. Like a-school-of-piranha-feasting-on-a-side-of-beef fast. As a result, rarely if ever do I fully appreciate and enjoy my meal. (And I’m sure it doesn’t exactly heighten the dining experience of those around…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 10 – Hangin’ with Swassie

Valentine Brkich October 10, 2018

One thing I’ve always tried to be mindful about is my kids. I’ve always tried to be present in and appreciative of each and every moment I have with them while they’re still young. This isn’t always easy, of course. Take when The Animal decided to use his head to obliterate the glass on our oven…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 9

Valentine Brkich October 9, 2018

I went out for a little run earlier today, and as I jogged around town I couldn’t help but notice all the political signs in people’s yards. Most were of the normal, small variety. A few people, however, were really showing their support for a particular candidate by planting a 4 ft. x 4 ft. banner in their…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Days 7-8

Valentine Brkich October 8, 2018

OK, so I didn’t write yesterday. (Not that anyone noticed.) I give myself a pass considering it was Sunday and that I had a packed schedule: church, my daughter’s soccer game, volunteering at my kids’ school’s fall festival, dinner at the in-laws. Sure, I probably could’ve squeezed in 15 minutes of writing somewhere along the…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 6

Valentine Brkich October 6, 2018

I apologize in advance if this post doesn’t make much sense. Last night I was at a local beer garden for my 25th high school reunion, where I had one or three-two-many beers. Then I got home and had a large glass of cheap Cab for a nightcap. Then, this morning, I had to chug a couple…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 5

Valentine Brkich October 5, 2018

I know people who love getting the news. They love checking their favorite news website(s) as they sip their morning joe. They love turning on the TV first thing in the morning to check the traffic and weather, and to learn about whatever tragedies and catastrophes happened since their head hit the pillow the night before. I used to…

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October Mindfulness Challenge – Day 4

Valentine Brkich October 4, 2018

OK, so I broke the rules. Earlier today I posted some photos out on Instagram as part of my “Walkin’ around The Beav” series. Basically, whenever I take a walk around my lovely little town, aka, The Beav, I like to take photos of things that catch my eye and then post them out on my Instagram page (smalltowndad), which…

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